Creating a Guest Account

You can create a guest account which allows your family and friends to add value to your UCard without having to give our your account information. Just follow these instructions:
  • Go to the One Card Gives Back website and log-in using your card number (16-digit number on your card beginning with 601813 or 627722) and password. If you have forgotten your password please contact customer support at 866-400-8627 to have it reset.
  • Under the orange "My Account" box click the "Family & Friends" link.
  • Click "Add" to add a new family member or friend to your account.
  • Enter all of the required fields marked with a red asterisk. The User ID and Password that you create will be what your family members and friends use.
  • Select the permissions you wish to grant your family and friends. The most important permission is the "Add Value to Card" which allows them to add funds to your account.
  • Click Submit and you're done! Your family and friends can now add UCa$h to your UCard by logging into the One Card Gives Back website with their new User ID and Password.