Access Information

Your UCard's primary function, aside from an identification card, is to provide you electronic card access to the over 300 scanners across campus using a secure proximity (prox) chip inside the card. Various default access is provided based on your status at the University, your residence hall, academic college or major, and type of decal you purchased/ordered.

The UCAPS Office highly regards the integrity of security on campus, and cannot provide access to many locations without proper approval. The following is a list of Tenant Managers, faculty/staff that have the ability to provide access to doors within their areas. If you require access please contact the following Tenant Manager:

AreaTenant ManagerE-Mail Address 
College of EngineeringGary HoweGary_Howe@uml.edu
College of SciencesJim SullivanJames_Sullivan@uml.edu
Computer ScienceKen Kleinerken@cs.uml.edu 
CRC Members*Denise Daly Denise_Daly@uml.edu
Information Tech.Ken BoisvertKenneth_Boisvert@uml.edu
Music and SRTBill CarmanWilliam_Carman@uml.edu
Reactor Leo BobekLeo_Bobek@uml.edu 
Residence HallsErin ButterworthErin_Butterworth@uml.edu
SubMil LabMike CoulombeMichael_Coulombe@uml.edu

*Paid CRC Memberships only; current students, faculty or staff should contact the UCAPS Office for access issues. For access to all other areas, please contact the UCAPS Office at UCAPS@uml.edu or 978-934-2800. Additional authorization and/or documentation may be required depending on the area.