Tax Information

  • When will I receive my 1098-T Tax form?

    By federal law, 1098-T forms must be issued by Jan. 31. They are mailed to the permanent address on record, as listed in iSiS. Forms are also available online in late January.

    Students can access 1098-T tax forms online through iSiS. Once logged in, under the Finance and Financial Aid section, select the appropriate year under 1098-Ts.

  • Why is Box 1 blank?

    Box 1 is left blank on all UMass Lowell 1098-T forms. Universities may choose whether to report payments received or amounts billed; they are not required to report both amounts. The University of Massachusetts has chosen to report qualified tuition and related expense amounts billed.

  • How do I obtain proof of payment for Box 1?

    For a copy of your tuition and fees charges and payments, log in to iSiS and go to Student Center > Finances > Account Summary > Appropriate Term > View Account Detail.
    You also may need to reference cancelled checks, bank statements or credit card statements to find these records.

  • Can you send/fax a copy to my accountant?

    For your protection, UMass Lowell cannot send or fax 1098-T forms directly to third parties.

    The fastest way to obtain your 1098-T information is to visit iSiS and print a copy to send/fax to your accountant. Log in to iSiS, click Student Center, click Finance, select View 1098-T and select the appropriate year.

  • If I didn't receive or I lost my 1098-T, where can I get another one?

    Log in to iSiS, click Student Center, click Finance, select View 1098-T and select the appropriate year.

  • Why didn't I receive a 1098-T?

    There are several possibilities:

    1. You attended UMass Lowell in the Spring, but you had enrolled and were billed the prior calendar year, meaning the information was included in last year's 1098-T.

    2. The IRS does not require UMass Lowell to issue a 1098-T form if your scholarship and financial aid total exceeded the billed amount for tuition and qualified expenses. 

    3. You do not have a valid permanent address on file at UMass Lowell. To update your address, select Personal Portfolio menu once logged in to iSiS

    4. You do not have a valid SSN or TIN on file with the University. 

    5. You are classified as a nonresident alien.

  • How do I compute my education tax credit?

    Consult your tax professional or refer to the IRS website.

    IRS Telephone Assistance Hotline: 800-829-1040