Student Financial Services


Part-Time Enrollment Forms

In an effort to reduce the usage of paper, part-time forms are no longer available.
Undergraduate student's who are enrolled for less than 12 credits will have their accounts adjusted after the add/drop deadline.
To calculate your account prior to the adjustment and to avoid a late fee or service indicator placed on your account due to your unpaid portion by the bill due date, visit Tuition Costs. In the drop down menu select the chart that would pertain to you.

Health Insurance

Effective Fall 2007 

To waive/select the University Health Insurance, log into iSiS, click on student self service, enter your email address and password. Navigate to your Student Center page, click the Waive/Enroll Health Insurance Form link and choose:

  • Please ENROLL me in the University health insurance plan. I do not have comparable coverage as required by state law.
  • I want to WAIVE the University health insurance plan. I have my parent's/my own comparable coverage as required by state law.

Please note: COMMONWEALTH CARE is not comparable coverage.

It is not possible to waive out of the Health Insurance Coverage after the published deadline, regardless of evidence of comparable coverage.

Please note this requirement must be completed yearly and by the start of each academic year.