Outstanding Balances, Refunds & Withdrawals

Withdrawing from the University

When withdrawing from the University, please note: 

  • There is no adjustment to the tuition and fee charges if a student withdraws or drops a class after the add/drop period of the academic semester.
  • Failure to attend class does not constitute a withdrawal and does not excuse a student from his or her financial obligation.
  • Withdrawing from the University may affect Title IV Financial Aid already awarded to you. Please refer to Financial Aid's Withdrawal Policy for more information.
Alternatives to Withdrawal
Students are strongly encouraged to consider and investigate alternatives to withdrawing. Many options and resources are available to assist students in making an informed decision. Please contact the Dean of Student’s office at 978-934-2100 for names and locations of staff members who can assist you.

UMass Lowell's withdrawal policy provides information for students who wish to withdraw from the University. A completed withdrawal form must be provided to the Registrar's Office.