Today@UMass Lowell
March 06, 2015

Support, Don’t Shush Multilingual Kids
Psychology Prof. Allyssa McCabe’s contributions to the new social policy report debunks the myth that developing a child’s native language along with English puts them at a disadvantage. Read More

Research presented by Prof. Allyssa McCabe in a recent report shows that multilingual children are most successful when taught both their mother tongue and a new language such as English.

Professor, Poet Sandra Lim’s Keys to Writing
English Asst. Prof. Sandra Lim shares her thoughts on poetry, reading and teaching. Read More

Asst. Prof. Sandra Lim introduces students to writing poetry and wins awards with her own.

University Can Call Manchester a Friend
Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Melissa Manchester mentored music students for two days then dazzled a Durgin Hall crowd with a 75-minute, hit-laden show. Read More

Grammy-winner Melissa Manchester shares songwriting tips with students in Prof. Gena Greher's class. Photo by Tory Germann.