Commercial Ventures and Intellectual Property

Faculty Advisory Board

CVIP is committed to building productive collaborative relationships with its faculty. In 2008, the University established a Faculty Advisory Board in an effort to facilitate direct dialog and to  strengthen the relationship between CVIP and the faculty body.  The Board meets with the Directors of CVIP several times a year to develop policies and procedures intended to aid the faculty in the commercialization of University intellectual property.

CVIP welcomes the valuable contributions of faculty with regard to intellectual property commercialization.  The Faculty Advisory Board has both rotating and permanent seats available for membership.  If you are interested in serving on the Board, either for a one-year term or as a permanent member, please contact our office.

Below is a list of the current Faculty Advisory Board members. Faculty and staff are encouraged to reach out to the members with your questions and suggestions for the CVIP Office.

Name Department Contact Information
Xingwei Wang Electrical & Computer Engineering Office: 978-934-1981
Tom Shea

Biological Sciences Office: 978-934-2890
Steve McCarthy Plastics Engineering Office: 978-934-3465
Dan Schmidt Plastics Engineering Office: 978-934-3451