Research Administration

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All four-digit Office of Research Administration telephone extension numbers must be preceded by 978-934- if you are calling from outside of the University.

Main Phone: 978-934-4750 (x4-4750)
Fax: 978-934-2027 (x4-2027)

Anthony, Samantha  - Administrative Asst., Grants & Contractsx4-4987
Concino, Linda  - Director, Grants & Contracts Administrationx4-4723
Corliss, Karen - Research Data Managerx4-4743
Dailey, Lucille  - Grants & Contracts Administratorx4-4704
DeLuca, Danielle - Financial Administratorx4-3462
Desjardins, Nancy  - Grant Accountant Supervisorx4-4719
Dyleski, Gloria  - Payroll Administratorx4-4720
Gladu-Ennis, Linda  - Grants & Contracts Administratorx4-4718
Mahoney, Suzanne  - Financial Administratorx4-4726
Mascoll, Kevin  - Financial Administratorx4-3646
O'Neill, Patti  - Grants and Contracts Administratorx4-3230
Ralls, Susan - Pre-Award Specialistx4-4721
Sloan, Mary  - Proposal Development Specialist/Funding & Subcontract Coordinatorx4-4783
Spyrakis, Heather  - Accountant, Billing Specialistx4-4716
Trepanier, Becky - Pre-Award Specialistx4-4709
Zerneri, Kathleen - Grant Accountantx4-3474