Faculty Research at UMass Lowell

Who Are We?

Vice Provost for Research Office (VPRO)
  • Julie Chen, Vice Provost for Research
  • Adrianna (Andy) Morris: Enlightened Bites, Undergraduate Research/Co-ops
  • Amber Squires: RA/TA Contracts, Accounts, Space
  • Renae Lias: Federal and State R&D, Major Research Projects, UMass President's Office
  • Dyan Ciccone: Web, University Relations liaison (Web projects, events, online & social media news)
Office of Research Administration (ORA)
Office of Institutional Compliance (OIC)
Commercial Ventures and Intellectual Property (CVIP)
  • Jill Murthi, Director, CVIP, and Rajnish Kaushik, Diana Locey: Invention Disclosures
  • Nancy Saucier, Director, New Venture Development: Industry Connections/Industry Clusters
    • Sponsored Research to licensing
    • U-TAP model (annual budget)
    • LARI/UMII (Lowell Applied Research Institute/UMass Innovation Institute)
Core Research Facilities (CRF)
  • Teri Hamelin, Business Manager: Online Scheduling and equipment list
  • Tom Ferraguto and Jay Goodman: Nanofabrication Lab
  • Earl Ada and Chris Santefeumio: Materials Characterization Lab
  • Adam Norton, Manager: NERVE Center Facility
Centers, Institutes & Labs