Research Centers & Institutes

Research Centers & Institutes

(listed alphabetically)

The research mission is the development of reliable manufacturing for giga-scale miniaturization technology performed in conjunction with supporting companies.

Baseball Research Center 
The mission of the center is to be a Center of Excellence for the Science and Engineering of Baseball for both experimental and analytical methods, concentrating on baseball bat performance and durability.

The Center has been active in the areas of compute-intensive modeling of physical and information systems, and research areas include medical imaging, acoustics, fluid dynamics, heat transfer, control, probabilistic modeling, information processing and communication networks.

Center for Advanced Materials      
Its goal is the development of a knowledge base in the design, synthesis, characterization and intelligent processing of advanced materials, driven by the needs of potential technological applications.  

Center for Atmospheric Research     
Founded with the goal of conducting experimental and analytical research in the atmospheric and space sciences, to provide research opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students, and to demonstrate how research and development tie to solving real world problems.

Center for Community Research and Engagement       
Focuses on sustainable economic and social development, leadership development, family enrichment, capacity building, and empowerment in areas such as environmental quality, community-based economic development, education and college access and the connections between work and family life. 

The multidisciplinary center is dedicated to research, training and education to advance the analytical, experimental and operational aspect of computer hardware and software and information technologies that have potential influence on the acquisition, management and storage of knowledge and "big data" knowledge extraction, data engineering and services, and machine/human computational intelligence.
Center for Electric Car and Energy Conversion       
The primary focus is application of renewable energy in roof-top residential, industrial, and utility-interactive environments.  

Focuses on industrial innovation, regional development, corporate governance, financialization and sustainable prosperity.

Center for Photonics, Electromagnetics and Nanoelectronics (CPEN)     
Research and development in the Center focuses on the interaction of electromagnetic fields with materials and devices of use in microwave and optical systems and applications.

The Center for Public Opinion seeks to further UMass Lowell's academic and strategic objectives through cross-disciplinary research related to political and public opinion trends and behaviors, as well as through distinctive, revealing public opinion polling, and provides students, faculty and visiting scholars access to public opinion research. Subjects of study are multi-disciplinary, covering political, social, economic and cultural issues.  

CSE focuses on the integration of renewable energy systems in all sectors of the economy through research, coursework and community outreach.

Institute for Visualization and Perception Research      
IVPR is an interdisciplinary group whose research and contract activities focus on the development of tools, systems, displays and interactive techniques that enable individuals and groups to explore collaborative data sets by visual and other perceptual means. 

Jack & Stella Kerouac Center for the Public Humanities    
The center sponsors a variety of projects and events in the humanities and social sciences. It also serves as the home for the Kerouac Writer-in-Residence program, the Kerouac Conference on Beat Literature, Kerouac Scholarships and the New England Poetry Conference. 

Helps to build healthy work environments, thriving communities, and viable businesses that support a more sustainable world.    

Massachusetts BioManufacturing Center    
MBMC is an interdisciplinary research, development and education center that assists biotechnology companies in developing procedures leading to validated, cGMP compliant manufacturing processes.

Middle East Center for Peace, Development and Culture (Engagement Center) 
The Center fosters collaborations and partnerships with educational institutions in the Middle East across an interdisciplinary spectrum including the social sciences, the natural sciences and engineering, the humanities and health and education fields. 

The focus is to promote education and research and practice concerning peace and conflict issues.