Property & Asset Management

Coordinators by Department

Each UMass Lowell department has an assigned Inventory Coordinator, who is the liaison between the department employees and the Property & Asset Management Office for inventory matters. 

Inventory Coordinators assist in the maintenance of inventory controls over equipment; and ensure the proper use, care, maintenance, and safekeeping of all property and equipment under the control of their respective units.

Department Coordinator Phone
Accounts Payable Kunze, Sandra ext. 44832
Accounts Receivable/Student Financial Services McLaughlin, Diane ext. 43578
Admissions Stacy, Bruce ext. 43934
Art Department Lessard, Steven ext. 43489
Associate Provost Grzyb, Donna ext. 42212
Athletics Navis, Brad ext. 42312
Band Equipment Lutz,Daniel ext. 43883
Biological Sciences Bhaiwala, Rizvana ext. 42882
Budget Office Richie, Nancy ext. 43453
Bursar's Office Barron, Donna ext. 43594
Career Services Hall, Claire ext. 42352
Center for the Arts Marion, Paul ext. 43107
Centers for Learning Driscoll, David Richie, Nancy
Central Receiving Dube, Richard ext. 42375
Chancellor's Office Denoon, Victoria ext. 44744
Chemical & Nuclear Engineering Umemba, Ken ext. 43656
Chemistry Whitten, James ext. 43666
Civil and Environmental Engineering Howe, Gary ext. 42567
College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Lessard, Robin ext. 43832
Communications and Marketing Hoey, Denise ext. 43523
College of Health Sciences Gordon, Matt ext. 44465
Computer Science Nguyen, Tuyen ext. 43645
Continuing Education Driscoll, Patrick ext. 42139
Counseling Center Keeves, Jackie ext. 44331
Criminal Justice Hunt, Eika ext. 44107
Cultural Studies Salmon, Carole ext. 44296
CVIP Petrillo, Jenna M ext. 45173
Dean of Engineering LaRocque, Darren ext. 43179
Dean of Sciences Fortin, Elizabeth ext. 43839
Disability Services Phillips, Aida ext. 44512
Duplicating Merrill, Scott ext. 42491
Earth Science Colby, Frank ext. 43906
Economics Carter, Michael ext. 42714
Electrical and Computer Engineering Haileselassie, Senait ext. 43342
Engineering Technology Sundberg, Glen ext. 42591
English Department Ledoux, Jacqueline ext. 44182
Enrollment Management & Student Success Millette,Tammy ext. 42454
Environmental Health & Safety Bergeron, Peter ext. 42543
Equal Opportunity and Outreach Hall, Rebecca ext. 43563
Facilities Operations Walsh, Mary ext. 44812
Financial Aid McLaughlin, Joyce ext. 44237
Graduate School Southworth, Linda ext. 42373
Graduate School of Education Suppa, William ext. 44664
Grounds LeClair, Normand ext. 44155
Health and Clinical Sciences Rogers, Donna ext. 44470
Health Services Murphy, Gail ext. 44991
History Lipchitz, Joseph ext. 44144
Housekeeping Almeida, Gualter ext. 43938
Human Resources Ciampa, Patricia ext. 41917
Information Technology Packard, James ext. 42668
Institutional Research Alig,Julie ext. 42501
Instructional Tech Support Services Lucas, Mike ext. 44681
International Student & Scholars Conley, Maria ext. 42383
Library Nutter, Paul ext. 44569
Manning School of Business Andrews, Frank ext. 42816
Mathematical Sciences Lee, Cori ext. 42416
Mechanical Engineering Bousquet, Glen ext. 42983
Multicultural Affairs Liss, Amy ext. 45019
Music Dinsmore, Amy ext. 43850
Nanotechnology Heath, Lois ext. 43188
Office of the Provost Morin, Karen ext. 42537
Office of the VC University Relations and Development Lorrey, Lila ext. 44735
Parking and Transportation Piscitello, Nicholas ext. 42111
Philosophy Kaufman, Whitley ext. 43913
Physical Therapy Pevey, Dale ext. 44491
Physics and Radiological Sciences Riccio, David ext. 43761
Plastics Rondeau, David ext. 43112
Political Science Minton, Nick ext. 44252
Postal Services Protonotarios, Christos ext. 42378
Procurement Rondeau, Roland ext. 43503
Psychology Allen, Donna ext. 43953
Radiation Laboratory Tries, Mark ext. 43353
Registrar's Office Dufresne, Lauren ext. 42257
Research Foundation Desjardins, Nancy ext. 44719
ROTC - Army Wallace, Scott ext. 46016
School of Nursing Pevey, Dale ext. 44491
Sociology Department Das, Mitra ext. 44300
Space Sciences Schaufenbil, Lynne ext. 44904
Special Events Shurburne,Richard ext. 43232
Student Activities Gleason, Kristen ext. 45089
Student Services Siegel, Laurence ext. 42107
Telecommunications Athanas, Steve ext. 44767
Tsongas Industrial History Center Anstey, Ellen 978-970-5101
TURI Brown, Alex ext. 43889
UCard, Access and Parking Services (UCAPS) Victorine, Jon ext. 45060
University Advancement Panagakis, Maria ext. 44819
University Police Eramo, Steven ext. 44206
VC Admin & Finance, Comptroller Rondeau, Roland ext. 43503
VPROJC Ferraguto, Thomas ext. 41809
Work Environment Fadden, Mary ext. 43279