Marco Fabiano

Marco Fabiano, Criminal Justice

Orientation Leader


Club Baseball, Orientation

Educational Background

North Reading High School
Anticipated Year of UMass Lowell Graduation: 2015


Why did you choose UMass Lowell? 
Umass Lowell is a strong frontrunner in expansion of their CJ field, it is a local school to my town, I have a friend 2 years older who goes here and highly recommended this school. 
What is your favorite thing about UMass Lowell? 
My favorite thing about Umass Lowell would probably have to be the amount of extracurricular activities that are possible to partake in. From clubs to sports there is something for everyone.
What is your ideal Saturday?
My ideal Saturday would start with a coffee and comic books. After that, a nice afternoon with friends, maybe a pick-up game of a sport, or some video games. The best night would be going out to dinner,  hanging with friends, or a good sports game.

Home Town: North Reading, MA