Freshman Frequently Asked Questions

Please make arrangements now to reserve the entire two days for your Orientation experience. The overnight Orientation session is full of  important presentations, campus tours, advising appointments, course selection, and registration. Meals are provided.

Steps to Complete Before Registering for Orientation: 

  • All admitted freshman must schedule a testing appointment on campus PRIOR TO attending an Orientation session.
  • Math, reading, and writing assessments are offered at UMass Lowell. (Writing tests are proctored during Orientation) 
  • If you scored a 500 or below on the verbal SAT, you will be required to sit for a reading test.
  • You can schedule your testing appointment by vising our Assessment Testing page or by calling our Orientation office at 978-934-3980.

Personal Items You Should Bring:

  • Photo Identification: Driver's license OR Passport
  • Small amount of cash for snacks, etc
  • Any prescription medicine (refrigeration available) 
  • Casual clothes and shoes for walking and appropriate for changing weather
  • Pajamas
  • Alarm clock
  • Overnight toiletries
  • Sweatshirt, jacket, umbrella, etc.
  • Sheets, bedding, sleeping bag, pillow, etc.
  • A fan is optional  

Documents you MUST Bring:

  • Medical Records: Health Services needs complete records by August 1. If you have not sent records earlier, bring them to Orientation. 

Guidelines - To insure the safety and well-being of all participants, we require the following:

  • Do not bring any alcohol or drugs to Orientation. Anyone found with these substances will be immediately sent home, no exceptions.
  • Do not leave campus during Orientation. The two days are full of activities and tasks that are essential to your preparation for the fall. If you leave, you won't be registered for classes.
  • Do not plan to have visitors or guests during Orientation. After check-in, no one other than other new students will be allowed to attend Orientation as it is a special time for you to meet other UMass Lowell students. 
  • Orientation behavior includes respecting all persons and property. Any unacceptable behavior toward either will result in disciplinary action and possible removal from the program.