Software & Hardware

Discount Purchase Program


Looking to buy a Lenovo or Apple computer for campus or home use? 

You will save money when you buy Lenovo personal computing products for your home through the UMass Education Employee/Student Purchase Program.

Now you can purchase top-quality Lenovo or Apple desktops, laptops and tablets at the same deep-discount pricing the campus receives. 

Purchasing new equipment through this discount program is easy! 

Visit USave to configure your Lenovo or Apple computer and then complete your online purchase from this website.

Why Lenovo? 

Choosing Lenovo as the campus-endorsed Windows computer is the result of a joint effort between the UMass campuses and the President's office. We reviewed all the major computer vendors for a discount purchase program for desktops, laptops and tablets. UMass Lowell selected Lenovo as its vendor of choice because the equipment is dependable; the company maintains a solid reputation in the education market and offers universities excellent discount programs. 

How to select a warranty for your computer?

If you are purchasing a computer as a student, the warranty should last for at least 3 years. The worst-case scenario is that a student experiences computer hardware trouble and does not have warranty coverage to repair it. Warranties are insurance policies and are not inexpensive, but can be well worth the cost.

UMass Lowell recommends a minimum of a three-year, onsite warranty on a computer used by a student whether it is a Lenovo or Apple computer. (The Apple warranty is AppleCare.)

The cost of the fourth-year warranty is not worth the price, based on the computer's age at that point. We encourage all students to back-up all work.

Should you buy accidental coverage for your computer?

Yes, especially if you are buying a laptop. Your warranty will not cover damage caused by an accident, such as spilling water or coffee on the laptop, dropping the device or cracking the monitor. These are expensive to fix without coverage.

I want to purchase a laptop but am unsure how to configure a laptop. 

For more information on how to configure a laptop, please review Student Hardware Recommendations (pdf).

What software licenses are available to students at no charge?

For more information on software licenses, please review Student Software Licenses (pdf).

I purchased my computer through the UMass Lowell Discount Purchase Program. Will the Help Center fix my laptop if something happens to it?

The IT Help Center staff will help you with software configurations, but we cannot fix hardware problems since this will void your computer's warranty. Contact your computer vendor directly if you experience hardware trouble.