Work Environment

About the Department

What is Work Environment?

Work Environment (WE) is real-world science solving real-life problems. At UMass Lowell, WE lead the way to a healthier world with an internationally renowned faculty, a large research program and many local, national, and international service activities. International graduate students from Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas bring vibrancy and a truly global perspective to the department.

Who We Are

  • WE are biologists & chemists developing clean production methods and safe products.
  • WE are environmental scientists innovating for a safer, healthier world.
  • WE are epidemiologists & medical professionals preventing disease and injury.
  • WE are engineers designing work and living spaces that promote health.
  • WE are policy makers advocating for those in need.
  • WE are teachers educating workers, employers, legislators and tomorrow’s leaders about the environmental factors that contribute to human health.
  • WE are your partners in learning and the mentors who will prepare you to create a safer, healthier world.  Since 1987, WE have been preparing professionals from around the globe for rewarding careers in the health, safety and environment fields. Together, WE improve thousands of lives each day.
  • WE will prepare you to make a difference.
WE: lead the way to a healthier world!

Please watch this video to learn more about our program. Watch more videos.