Graduate Admissions

Admissions Process

Admission to graduate programs at the University of Massachusetts Lowell is limited and competitive. Please apply early and make sure that all application materials will be received by the application deadline.

Applicants should contact the appropriate graduate coordinator to get additional information about the program of studies, financial aid possibilities and any additional requirements, standards or deadlines.

Admission to a graduate program is contingent upon successful completion of the applicant’s baccalaureate or bachelor’s degree. An official transcript indicating that the degree has been or will soon be awarded must be filed with the Office of Graduate Admissions by the end of the student’s first semester at UMass Lowell.

You may send the required application materials together or separately. All required items must be submitted to the 

Office of Graduate Admissions 
Cumnock Hall, Suite 110
One University Avenue 
Lowell, MA 01854-5130 

All required materials must arrive before the application package can be evaluated. Generally, the Office of Graduate Admissions holds application materials for two years from the date of application.  

Be sure to see additional information about official transcripts in Requirements for All Applicants.
All materials received by the Office of Graduate Admissions become the property of the Office of Graduate Admissions and in no case will be given to the student or a third party.

The Office of Graduate Admissions has the authority to approve or deny admission and approve credit transfers. Commitments either expressed or implicit (verbal or written) from any other source are not official and will not be honored. 

Online Programs: 
Residents of Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas and Minnesota: The University of Massachusetts Lowell is not accepting applications or registrations for online courses, degrees or certificate programs from residents of Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas and Minnesota. Due to recent legislative changes the University of Massachusetts Lowell is not seeking state authorization to offer online program in those states. State and federal laws require colleges and universities to receive state authorization to offer online programs in states other than their own.

Check Application Status

For prospective students who have begun an application and want to review the Graduate Admissions Requirement Checklist. Once the checklist is complete (all required application materials have been received), your application is ready for review and decision. You will receive email notification upon completion of your application. Once a decision has been reached, you will be notified via email and letter sent to the addresses on file.

Please note: Please allow 2-3 weeks for the checklist to be updated. If you have recently applied and have submitted materials with your application, allow the Office of Graduate Admissions time to update the materials as the online information may not match what was submitted with your application.

Check Your Application Materials