For Supervisors

  • What types of duties are students restricted from performing?

    Student employees may not provide classroom instruction and may not evaluate student performance, including the assignment of grades of any sort. Supervisors may not ask student employees to conduct their personal errands or those of members of the department. Jobs must not involve constructing, operating or maintaining any part of a building used for religious worship or sectarian instruction. No student working under either work program should be receiving academic credit for duties being performed unless it has been approved by the Student Employment Office.

  • What is the process to follow when hiring a student?

    Do not allow students to begin working until you receive an electronic copy (via email) of a contract. 
    • Students have been told to log into JobHawk to apply for jobs. 
    • Please make sure you have posted your jobs in JobHawk for students to apply for them. 
    • Please go through the normal interview process. Share your job descriptions with the student and be honest about your expectations.
    • If you choose to hire a student, report the hire in JobHawk. This is the only way we can approve a contract for your students. 
    • Once the Student Employment Office (SEO) reviews the hire request to make sure student has turned in all employment documents and is not already placed in another position, we will send you and the student an electronic copy of the contract. This is your "cue" this student is approved to work. 
    • The contract is for your records. It does not need to be signed or returned to the SEO.

  • What if I do not fill all of my open positions?

    Keep the Student Employment Office informed of your employment needs and keep your postings on JobHawk.  Just like in past years, students will seek out employers to discuss job opportunities in their department and attempt to secure employment. Do not allow students to work prior to being hired through JobHawk.

  • How do my student employees get paid?

    Supervisors are responsible for approving weekly time sheets in HR Direct. Time sheets should be approved no later than Mondays at noon. Both Federal Work Study and Campus Work students will be paid on a bi-weekly basis (on the same schedule as full time UMass Lowell employees).