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This webinar is designed for all freshman and transfer students who have been awarded student employment funding for the 2015-2016 academic year. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. View the system requirements to make sure you'll have no problems with the webinar.

Who we are

The UMass Lowell Student Employment Office is designed to help currently enrolled students pursue their educational goals by providing employment resources for students regardless of need.

With approximately 900 participants each year in the UMass Lowell Student Employment Program and Federal Work Study Program, students choose from hundreds of diverse job opportunities, all of which offer flexibility in scheduling, comfortable working environments and a competitive pay rate. Whether building on existing skills or adding new skill sets, students build their resumes when working with our University's nationally-recognized faculty and staff.

Four levels of Employment Available

Level I - These types of positions would be “entry” level positions. They would require basic skills, and would not require any previous experience. Students would require on-the-job training to learn the skills required for a certain position. Positions pay $10/hr. Examples of these types of positions would include: Office Assistants, Lab Monitors, Receptionists, Front Desk Greeters, Library Assistants

Level II - These positions require a special skill set, or previous experience, and a higher level of responsibility. These positions allow students to receive a real world “co-op” like experience which will prepare them for their future employment outside of UMass Lowell. Students may be responsible for data analysis, Independent coordination or supervision of programs or projects. They may be responsible for supervising other student staff members, and are capable of making more independent decisions. Positions pay $11/hr. Examples of these positions include: Web assistants, Research Assistants, Tutors, Athletic Trainers, Orientation Coordinators, Office Associates, Senior Office Assistants.

Level III - These positions are held by our FWS Community Service Students
UMass Lowell fulfills a Federal Requirement of the Federal Work Study Program by funding a certain number of Community Service Work Study jobs. These positions are performed at approved off campus community service/non-profit agencies. Community Service Positions provide local organizations with the consistent volunteer help that is vital to run their organization, and students are able to perform meaningful public interest work. Positions pay $12/hr. Examples of the positions include: Tutors at JumpStart, America Reads programs. Tutors and Recreation Assistants at The Boys and Girls Clubs. Program Assistants for the National Street Car Museum

Level IV - Graduate students are eligible to hold positions in any department. As graduate students these students are usually working very independently on specific projects assigned by their supervisors. They are generally required to have a higher level of skills and are making independent decisions with little supervision. Positions pay $12-$20/hr. 

* In rare instances these pay rates may be exceeded. Justification as to why a student should earn more than the specified hourly rates along with a detailed job description would be required for consideration. Any increase over $12/hr. would be subject to the approval of the Manager of Student Employment, and would also require two learning objectives to be specified in the Job Description. Any positions paying over the general employment rate ($10) is considered to be a co-op type position.