Department of Facilities Management

How Can We Help You?

Let us know how we can assist you.

Submit a Service Request

Submit your request for services via our easy-to-use online form. We'll respond promptly. You can use the form for requests and inquiries such as:

  • Requesting minor repairs
  • Adjusting room temperature
  • Changing locks
For urgent matters contact the Facilities service line at 978-934-2601, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, after 5 p.m contact Campus Police at 978-934-2394.

Project Updates

Get more information on one of our ongoing projects, such as:

  • Current project status
  • Contact information for the project manager
  • Projected completion date

Get Maps and Floor Plans

Visit Facilities Information Systems for maps, floor plans, 3D models and other information about the campus environment.

Other University departments that handle related requests:

Information Technology & Phone System Requests
978-934-HELP (4-4357)
Parking Services
Department of Environmental Health and Safety
Police Department
On Campus: ext. 4-2911&
Off Campus: 978-934-2911
Non Emergency: 
On Campus: ext. 4-2398   
Off Campus: 978-934-2398