Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Music: Music Business

An entrance audition is required for admittance to ALL degree programs in the Department of Music.  Please see Entrance Audition Process for details.

About the Music Business Program

As an alternative to the traditional music degree program, the music business program combines a traditional music curriculum with courses and experiences related to the music industry. The program focuses on management, marketing, sales, publishing, retailing, and record and concert promotion and prepares graduates knowledgeable in all aspects of the music industry. Though prospective music business students enroll in courses specific for their specialization in the freshman year, retention in the program requires an application to the program coordinator prior to the sophomore year.


The internship experience is an important bridge between academic preparation and career development. Students must have completed all required courses and are expected to have acquired the necessary knowledge to be successful in the music business industry. Students undertake an internship at a professional firm involved in some facet of the music industry.

Please refer to the undergraduate catalog for information about general requirements for retention and graduation, as well as for courses of study and curricula.