Charlotte Ryan

Charlotte Ryan, Sociology

Associate Professor
Dugan 205G


Community-based participatory research; social movements and communication; environmental and climate sociology; and public sociology

Research Interest

Recent research projects have focused on how unions, domestic violence groups and community-based organizations integrate strategic communications into broader change strategies.

Educational Background

Post Doctorate: Health and Social Behavior, Harvard School of Public Health

Ph.D., Sociology, Boston College

M.Ed., Bi-lingual Education, Boston University

A.B., History, Harvard University


Charlotte Ryan works with under-represented and misrepresented constituencies to document communication inequalities, develop integrated communication strategies, evaluate results and theorize from practice. She co-directs the Movement and Media Research Action Project and has published two books, Prime Time Activism, and Rhyming Hope and History: Activists, Academics, and Social Movement Scholarship (co-edited with sociologists David Croteau, Virginia Commonwealth University and William Hoynes, Vassar College).

Her research incorporates traditional and non-traditional methods including framing and other forms of content analysis, archival and oral history, and community-based participatory action research (CBR). Her primary CBR partner is the Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless. She currently chairs the URBAN Research Network Publications Committee; the committee has just completed Guidelines for Peer-Review of Community-based Research available at

Ryan is also actively involved in food and climate justice movements. She serves on the Coordinating Committee of UML’s Climate Change Initiative and coordinates UML’s Environment & Society minor. She teaches Environmental Sociology and Fast Food, Hot Planet: Sociological Approaches to Climate Change, Food Justice, and Community Sustainability Students in these courses have undertaken service-learning projects with the Lowell National Historical Park, World Peas Food Hub, Café Solar, Students for Environmental Action (SEA) and Lowell Food Day and Earth Day 2015.


Introduction to Sociology

Social Problems Public Sociology

Sociological Perspectives on the Environment

Fast Food, Hot Planet: Sociological Perspectives on Climate Change, Food Justice, and Community Sustainability

Sociological Perspectives on Communication and Social Change

Learning From the Field


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