Cheryl Najarian-Souza

Cheryl Najarian Souza, Sociology, Gender Studies

Associate Professor
Coburn 404H


Gender studies, women & work, qualitative research methods, & the sociology of disabilty

Research Interest

Taking an interdisciplinary and intersectional approach to the topic of women and work, while drawing upon the fields of sociology, gender studies, and disability studies.


Dr. Najarian Souza's research involves doing an intersectional analysis, which includes looking at social phenomena while considering race, class, gender, and ability. In her book, "Between Worlds: Deaf Women, Work, and Intersections of Gender and Ability" (Routledge, 2006) she investigated how deaf women experience their lives in their educations, paid work, and in their unpaid work as mothers. Currently, she is collecting data on her new research project, "Moms and Dads on the Hill: How Men and Women Politicians Balance Work and Family," where she is exploring how both men and women politicians experience their lives as public officials and how they negotiate this experience with their private family lives.  Through the use of interviews and observations of respondents, she is investigating how these individuals create, manage, implement, and use public policies. As with her previous research, she is exploring this topic while using sociological, gender studies, and disability studies frameworks.

She is the Director of the Gender Studies Program and a Faculty Associate in the Center for Women and Work.  She is also a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Women in Politics & Public Policy at UMass Boston.  Her courses include Introduction to Sociology, the Sociology of Gender, Sociological Research II, Sociology of Disability, and Feminist Methodologies.