Adrian Cruz

Adrian Cruz, Sociology

Assistant Professor
Dugan 205M


Race and Ethnicity; Immigration; Historical Sociology; Latina/Latino Studies; Asian American Studies; Working Class Issues

Educational Background

Ph. D., Sociology, University of Illinois, Urbana – Champaign 
M.S., Sociology, University of Texas – Pan American
B.A., English, University of Texas – Pan American


Adrian Cruz’s research interests are driven by one overarching question: What are the sources of social inequality? To provide answers to this question, Cruz primarily studies race, ethnicity, and immigration. His research ranges from historical case studies to current racial and immigration issues. He is the author of articles primarily focused upon the historical struggle of racial and ethnic minorities of the working class. His most recent article, published in Race & Class, is titled “Labour Militancy Deferred: Racial State Interventions and the California Farm Worker Struggle.” He has given paper presentations at various conferences, such as the Social Science History Association Annual Conference in Toronto, Canada (2014) and the Eastern Sociological Annual Conference in Baltimore, Maryland (2014).  Cruz’s first book manuscript, “Racialized Fields: Asians, Mexicans, and the Farm Labor Struggle in California”, applies a historical sociological lens to the plight of Asian and Mexican farm workers in twentieth century California. 

Cruz is involved in a wide variety of initiatives within the UMass Lowell community. In 2015, he served as a founding member of the first campus Center of Race and Ethnicity, which is focused upon issues and scholarship related to. Within the Sociology Department, Cruz took on the role as the Department’s Honors Coordinator and serves on the Honors College Curriculum Committee. He is also a core member of the faculty group for the Labor Studies program. Cruz instructs engaging and rigorous courses on the topics of Sociology of Immigration, Race and Ethnicity, as well as an Honors level Introduction to Sociology course. 

Introduction to Sociology (Honors)
Race and Ethnicity
Latinos in the United States (to be initially offered Spring 2016)
Sociology of Immigration

Cruz, Adrian. 2010. "There Will Be No ‘One Big Union’: The Struggle for Interracial Labor Unionism in California Agriculture, 1933-1939." Cultural Dynamics 22(1):29-48.

Cruz, Adrian. 2014. “Labour Militancy Deferred: Racial State Interventions and the California Farm Worker Struggle.” Race & Class 56(1):43-58.