Department of Sociology

Prospective Students

Graduates with a bachelor of arts degree in sociology are well-prepared for many interesting educational and professional opportunities either in graduate school or by directly entering the work force. A degree in sociology provides a broad understanding of patterned human/social behavior, as well as the structures and social processes that make it possible, and this background makes sociology majors very attractive to many different types of private and public organizations. 

  • Sociology majors can pursue careers in education, human resources, government, business, law, criminal justice, social science research, community development, senior and youth services and other fields. Sociologists study society, and this knowledge can be put to use in a variety of ways as researchers, administrators, educators and consultants.  
  • Sociology students have many opportunities for practice in their field, including agency internships, research assistantships and independent studies.
  • Sociology students are eligible to receive a number of awards. 

Resources from the American Sociological Association

The American Sociological Association, a professional association for sociologists and students, lists the following resources for students: