Allan Roscoe

Allan Roscoe, Criminal Justice

Allan Roscoe, Criminal Justice



Crimes of Violence, Terrorism/Counter-Terrorism, Homeland Sec., Natnl. Sec. & Counter-Intelligence/Counter-Espionage


Allan D. Roscoe, B.S., M.A., Criminal Justice, University of Massachusetts, Lowell has been an instructor in the Criminal Justice Department since 1999. Professor Roscoe had a long and distinguished career as a Senior Special Agent with the Office of Special Investigations. His particular areas of expertise are Crimes of Violence, Terrorism/Counter-Terrorism, Homeland Security, National Security and Counter-Intelligence/Counter-Espionage. Professor Roscoe had previously worked and lived in Asia and the Middle East and has worked extensively with various International Police and governmental organizations. Professor Roscoe is the Undergraduate Coordinator for the Homeland Security Certificate Program as well as the Undergraduate Academic Advisor.