Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

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The following contacts can be found on this page:

Dean of Fine Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Luis M. Falcón, Ph.D.  
820 Broadway St., Lowell, MA 01854 
Phone: 978-934-3843

  • Tenure and promotion
  • Renewals/non-renewal of faculty
  • Faculty evaluations and merit
  • Faculty disciplinary matters
  • Searches for tenure-track or tenured faculty
  • External relations
  • International partnerships 

Associate Dean of Research & Graduate Studies of Fine Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences 

Andy Harris, Ph.D.  
Phone: 978-934-3978

  • Faculty research support, grants, and infrastructure
  • Student research initiatives
  • Research centers 
  • Funding requests (travel, events, etc.)
  • Graduate student support
  • Graduate curriculum and program development

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies of Fine Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Julie Nash, Ph.D.  
Phone: 978-934-4191

  • Lecturers (searches, service roles, teaching)
  • Teaching-related administrative issues
  • Honors Program
  • Co-ops and internships
  • Web and communications
  • Study abroad
  • Interdisciplinary minors
  • Undergraduate curriculum, and program development 

Assistant Dean of FAHSS Academic Programs

Francis Talty, Ph.D.  
Phone: 978-934-4328

  • Undeclared Liberal Arts students – advising and supervision of advisors
  • Other advising-related matters
  • First-year seminar
  • Adjunct management
  • Academic dishonesty appeals
  • Grade appeals
  • Suspension hearings
  • Parent/student complaints 

Director of Enrollment and Student Success

Karen Humphrey-Johnson, M.A. 
Phone: 978-934-2105

  • Admissions: recruitment and events
  • Parent communication
  • Follow-up with suspended students
  • Student Advising
  • Orientation
  • Graduation clearance

Associate to the Dean of FAHSS

Robyn Lessard
Phone: 978-934-3842

  • College Staff management and oversight
  • Department space/facilities
  • Program budgets
  • Coordinate Dean’s calendar

Budget Manager

Alice Da Silva
Phone: 978-934-3854

  • Reimbursements
  • Purchasing
  • GTAs and GRAs contracts


 Department  Chair  E-mail
Art Jehanne-Marie Gavarini
Criminal Justice Eve Buzawa
Cultural Studies Carole Salmon
Economics Michael Carter
English Bridget Marshall - interim
History Joseph Lipchitz
Music John Shirley
Philosophy Whitley Kaufman
Political Science Ardeth Thawnghmung
Psychology Richard Siegel
Sociology Mitra Das

Interdisciplinary Programs

 Program  Director  E-mail
American Studies Michael Milner
Jonathan Silverman
Asian Studies George Chigas
Disability Studies Doreen Arcus
Economic and Social Development of Regions Philip Moss & John Wooding &
Gender Studies Andrea L. Dottolo
Global Studies John Kaag
Journalism & Media Studies Wael Kamal
Legal Studies Michael Jones
Peace and Conflict Studies Paula Rayman
Security Studies James Forest