Book It Instructions

book-it In order to request a room reservation, first sign in with your credentials by clicking on the Sign In button in the upper right-hand corner of the Book It landing page. (Note: the application works best in Google Chrome and Firefox.) Review the University's Reservation Policy. 

Click Finish to save the request and have it forwarded to Hospitality and Event Services for approval. Register for Book It training.

Dates & Deadlines

For calendar events that don’t take place in a particular location (e.g., add/drop period deadline) or are off campus, use Dates and Deadlines as an event category to get your information or deadline onto the calendar. 

Dates & Deadlines can also be used to publicize colloquia or other events that are held in academic spaces (since those don't appear on the public calendar). When using Dates & Deadlines be sure to include the location in the description.