Electrical & Computer Engineering

Industrial Advisory Board

The Industry Advisory Board of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering plays an important role in implementing program objectives by providing feedback on immediate industrial needs. These needs must be balanced against the need to identify truly fundamental topics that will serve the student body well in the long term. Technical areas sometimes take second place to a “can-do” attitude, excellent communication skills and the initiative required to teach oneself. Close ties with industry through the coop program, research and consulting and alumni interactions provide valuable program feedback about the skill sets required to function in a working environment. 

Meetings with the Industry Advisory Board occur once per semester.

Industry Advisory Board Members

Adlerstein, MichaelRaytheon Corporation
Bastos, JoeAnalog Devices
Beck, JohnIntel Corporation
Berger, GlennBAE Systems
Bodner, PaulBench Electronics
Bzura, JohnNational Grid
Dawson, WalterPearson & Peasrson LLP
Denecke, FrankWaters Corporation
Dinning, MichaelDept. of Transportation
Drake, MarvinMitre
Duh, K. GeorgeBAE Systems
Early, DanRaytheon Corporation
Kelly, TerenceRaytheon Corporation
McCarroll, ChrisRaytheon Corporation
Meisenhelder, RobertAnalog Devices
Sambursky, SharonSonoco Packaging
Swearingen, StanSkyworks Corporation
Waterman, RayRaytheon Corporation