Nathan Gartner

Nathan Gartner, Civil Engineering

Professor Emeritus, Co-op Coordinator
Pasteur 111


Transportation Engineering

Research Interest

Transportation Systems Analysis, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Optimization and Simulation Methods

Educational Background

B.Sc. Engineering (Technion, Israel) 

M.Sc. Engineering (Technion, Israel)

Sc.D. Transportation Engineering & Operations Research (Technion, Israel)


Dr. Gartner is Professor of Civil and Transportation Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.  His principal areas of professional interest are in traffic and transportation engineering, with special emphasis in intelligent transportation systems and in methods of operations research and engineering systems analysis.

Dr. Gartner has done extensive research in traffic flow models and in transportation systems, with special concentration in urban traffic control strategies and systems and in transportation network analysis, fields in which he is widely published and internationally recognized.  He has developed and authored several computer methods for traffic control and network optimization, including:  The Generalized Combination Method, MITROP, MAXBAND and MULTIBAND.  He also developed OPAC (Optimization Policies for Adaptive Control), the first real-time, traffic-adaptive signal control strategy to be deployed in the U.S. It was implemented in the RT-TRACS program in the U.S. and in numerous other ITS projects both in the U.S. and abroad.

Dr. Gartner is the former Chairman of the Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics Committee of the Transportation Research Board, a division of the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences (2000-09).