Graduate Programs

M.S. in Structural Engineering Option

The structural option within Civil and Environmental Engineering offers instruction and research in advanced concepts and techniques in the solution of complex structural engineering problems. A student seeking an M.S. in Structural Engineering must have a structural analysis course which includes statically indeterminate structures and junior or senior level courses in the design of steel and concrete structures. Student study programs in structural engineering are developed with a faculty advisor to meet the needs of the individual.  These undergraduate courses are core graduate course prerequisites and students deficient in these areas must take these courses before they can take advanced courses. 

Core Courses

14.504 Advanced Strength of Materials 
14.551  Design of Steel Structures or 14.552 Design of Reinforced Concrete   Structures 
14.556 Finite Element Analysis or equivalent 
14.557 Structural Dynamics 

Elective Courses 

14.507 Engineering Computation 
14.521 Reliability Analysis in Engineering 
14.531 Advanced Soil Mechanics 
14.533 Advanced Foundation Engineering 
14.536 Soil Engineering 
14.550 Behavior of Structures 
14.551 Design of Steel Structures 
14.552 Behavior of Concrete Structures 
14.533 Wood Structures 
14.554 Prestressed Concrete Design 
14.555 Seismic Design of Structures 
14.558 Bridge Engineering
14.576 GIS Applications in Civil & Environmental Engineering 

See the graduate catalog for more information and course descriptions.

Additional geotechnical and geoenvironmental courses and appropriate courses from the Departments of Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering may also be included in a degree plan.