Graduate Programs

M.S. in Transportation Engineering Option

The program in Transportation Engineering offers courses in planning, design and operation of multi-modal transportation facilities. It emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of the subject, supplementing engineering concepts with techniques from management, economics, operations research and environmental studies. It is designed to provide students with advanced technical knowledge for addressing transportation problems in a variety of practical situations. Specialization in a specific area can be achieved through thesis and project work.  Graduate study plans are designed based upon student interest, professional needs and undergraduate preparation. Students are expected to have completed or show proficiency in the following courses in partial fulfillment of degree requirements. 

Core Courses

14.541 Traffic Engineering 
14.540 Urban Transportation Planning 
14.581 Engineering Systems Analysis 
14.583 Stochastic Concepts Elective Course 

Courses from other appropriate disciplines such as engineering, management, and pure and applied science may be taken to form a coherent program in Transportation Engineering.  A graduate plan of study will be designed to meet the professional needs of each student; however, at a minimum, each student is expected to have completed or show proficiency in the following courses.

Elective Courses 

14.521 Reliability Analysis in Engineering 
14.543 Transportation Systems Analysis 
14.545 Public Transit Planning and Design 
14.547 Airport Planning and Design 
14.549 Traffic Flow Theory Elective
14.576 GIS Applications in Civil & Environmental Engineering

See the graduate catalog for more information and course descriptions.