Graduate School of Education

Symposium on Educational Research and Practice

XX Symposium on Educational Research and Practice
(aka Colloquium)
UMass Lowell Graduate School of Education

Date: Thursday, April 30, 2015
Location: UMass Lowell Inn and Conference Center, 50 Warren Street, Lowell, MA 01854

Please join UMass Lowell's Graduate School of Education to celebrate 20 years of the Annual Symposium on Educational Research and Practice. Please respond by April 10, 2015 to

Over the past 20 years the Symposium on Educationall Research and Practice has become an academic footprint and one of the features of the Graduate School of Education (GSE). This forum, originally title the Colloquium on Mathematics and Science Education had been initiated, at first, to coordinate efforts of mathematics and science doctoral students and educators in order to facilitate interest in research and its applications, and to encourage the discussion on how practice and research on learning and teaching can be brought into closer relationship. Subsequently other doctoral programs at the GSE, Leadership in Schooling and Language Art and Literacy, joined to be part of the annual event that led to a new name, Symposium on Educational Research and Practice. 

The goal of this forum has been to showcase our graduate students' research. Over these years we have been totally committed to the Symposium mission centered around building a community of educational leaders who consistently search for new learning opportunities and new lines of inquiry. 

Since 1996, doctoral students and educators presented findings from over 200 papers and projects. In addition to the GSE’s own students and graduates, faculty and staff from Boston College, Boston University, Brandies University, Harvard University, Lesley College, University of Missouri, TERC, Tufts University, UMass Amherst, UMass Boston, and Wheelock College have participated in the Symposium. Nineteen issues of the Symposium Journal have been published with 256 research articles written by our current students and graduates. 

This year we celebrate this event and present our final Symposium, culminating 20 years of dedication by the students, graduates and faculty of the GSE. This year’s presentations will focus on ongoing research of the GSE faculty and celebrate the contributions of past presenters as we close out this series.