Graduate School of Education

Course Information

The following is a list of course-related information for students:

Registering for courses
If you have not taken a graduate course at the University of Massachusetts Lowell before and do not have a SiS account for electronic registration, you should complete the registration form (pdf). Instructions for faxing, sending or delivering the form are attached to it.

You should register as early as possible to avoid disappointment.  Priority for registration is given to matriculated students.

Course Expectations
Students enrolled in a three credit course are expected to not only fully participate in scheduled on-campus/online and/or field work instruction, but also to complete a minimum of six hours out of class work each week throughout the semester.  Courses which are "accelerated" including summer courses, have increased class time/online and/or field work time each week and the expectation for increased weekly out of class work by students.