College of Fine Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Programs in Fine Arts

The College of Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences offers programs in art and music to prepare students for careers as professional artists and musicians as well as to prepare them for graduate studies, including graduate study in music education. Undergraduates may choose one of two professional degrees: the Bachelor of Fine Arts offered by the Art Department, or the Bachelor of Music offered by the Music Department. All degree programs in the fine arts are approved by their national accrediting agencies.

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree

Within the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program, students may choose one of two program options:

  • Fine Arts
  • Design

Students seeking the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree must earn cumulative overall GPA of 2.000 and a cumulative 2.500 for all courses in art and art history.

Bachelor of Music Degree

The Bachelor of Music degree program offers four areas of specialization:

Programs combining two areas of specialization, e.g. music business/performance, are possible. A student desiring to pursue such a combined course of study must satisfy the requirements in both areas.

An entrance audition is required for admittance to all degree programs offered by the Music Department. All students in the Bachelor of Music programs are performing musicians, studying either voice or their chosen instrument.

Students pursuing the specialization in Music Business must earn a cumulative overall GPA of 2.500. Students in Music Studies must maintain a 2.750 GPA for all coursework. Students in Performance must maintain a 2.500 GPA for all music courses and a minimum grade of B is required for each ensemble and performance specialization course. To graduate with a specialization in Sound Recording Technology, a student must have a 2.500 cumulative GPA and a 3.000 GPA in all sound recording technology and support courses.

Language Proficiency

Vocal performance majors are required to complete two consecutive semesters of the same foreign language.

College Requirements for Fine Art Students

Undergraduates in fine arts programs must comply with the University General Education requirements and must conform to the requirements of the College which govern degrees and major studies for such degrees.

Students who have failed to achieve at least a 2.000 average in their major field or other specific, stated retention standards of their specialization by the end of the junior year and who have not made satisfactory progress toward their degrees may be placed on probationary status in the College or be dismissed from the University for inadequate scholarship.