Physical Therapy

Graduate Certificate Program in Physical Therapy

The Department of Physical Therapy offers a graduate certificate program in:

Graduate Certificate Application Form (pdf)

Disability Outcomes

Departments and programs participating in the certificate include Physical Therapy, Work Environment, Nursing, and Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology

Dr. Sean Collins, P.T., Sc.D., C.C.S.

In the prevention and management of chronic disability, this certificate is designed to augment the preparation of researchers and/or clinicians with an appreciation of the interactions among personal attributes, clinical disease features, and socioeconomic and working conditions. Students will examine the ‘state of art’ theoretical perspectives in disability outcomes. They will develop advanced knowledge and skills in their chosen areas of expertise, including disability evaluation; design and conduct of epidemiologic studies of disease outcomes and their risk factors; evaluation and control of relevant environmental factors that affect work and health outcomes; and development and analysis of strategies for the improvement of disease outcomes, based on public and private policy alternatives.

The certificate is designed for students with a background in engineering, public health, clinical services, community programs or psychology.  Through the program students complete a core of six credits in courses specifically oriented to Disability Outcomes and six additional elective credits (chosen with their advisor) in the participating departments (see below).

Required Courses (3 credits each):

34.510  Models and Measurement in Disability 
19.579  Disability Outcomes and Interventions 

Elective Courses (3 credits each): 

[choose two courses]

19.575   Introduction to Epidemiology and Biostatistics
19.638   Methods of Work Analysis 
19.542   Human Factors 
19.610   Exposure Assessment 
19.643   Healthy Work Organization 
32.604   Health Data Analysis
32.625   Health Policy
33.552   Social, Cultural and Policy Issues in Health Care
33.601   Research Utilization

Or other elective with approval of the Certificate Program Coordinator.