Accreditation Review for UMass Lowell

Steering Committee


Charlotte Mandell, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
Susan Houde, Associate Dean of the School of Health and Environment

Site Team Chair:

Joel S. Bloom

NEASC Standard Sub-Committees (Final) 2011-2012

Standard 1: Mission & Purpose
Don Pierson - Co-Chair Education
Bob Giles - Co-Chair Sciences

Standard 2: Planning and Evaluation
Julie Nash, FAHSS 

Standard 3: Organization & Governance
Michael Carter - Co-Chair, FAHSS & Faculty Senate
Eve Buzawa - Co-Chair, FAHSS & Trustees

Standard 4: Academic Programs
Undergrad, General Education, Integrity 
Michael Graves - Co-Chair, Sciences
Marie Frank - Co-Chair, FAHSS

James Sherwood - Co-Chair, Engineering
Jim Egan - Co-Chair, Sciences

Richard Siegel - Co-Chair, FAHSS
John McKelliget - Co-Chair, Engineering

Standard 5: Faculty
Carol McDonough - Co-Chair, FAHSS & MSP
Pradeep Kurup - Co-Chair, Engineering

Standard 6: Students
Nicole Champagne - Co-Chair, Health
Tom Taylor - Co-Chair, Staff Dean of Enrollment and Student Success

Standard 7: Library and Information Resources
Rosanna Kowalewski - Co-Chair, Library
Todd Avery - Co-Chair, FAHSS

Standard 8: Physical and Technological Resources
Mark Hines - Co-Chair, Sciences
Beth Rubenstein - Co-Chair, Facilities

Standard 9: Finances
Steve O’Riordan - Co-Chair, Associate Vice Chancellor of Financial Services
Kathy Carter - Co-Chair, Management

Standards 10 & 11: Public Disclosure & Integrity
Khanh Dinh - Co-Chair, FAHSS
Kerry Donohue - Co-Chair, Associate Registrar

Mary Robbins

Technical Assistance and Scheduling
Jacquie Nicholas
Core Steering Group
Michael Carter
James Kohl
Steve O’Riordan
Charlotte Mandell
Susan Houde

Membership = all Co-Chairs of Standard Committees