UMass Lowell’s Remote TV Studio Ready for Prime Time Offering Expert Resources

Tap Experts for Breaking News in Politics, Anti-Terrorism, Health Care, Career, Nutrition and More for Live TV Interviews

Looking for expert sources who can deliver instant analysis on breaking news? The University of Massachusetts Lowell offers its faculty experts for live TV interviews from a new, state-of-the-art studio that makes it easy for media organizations to enhance coverage of the issues of the day. 

Whether it’s breaking news commentary that producers need to book ASAP or a lifestyle feature topic that requires an expert analysis, UMass Lowell has hundreds of experts on hand for either a live or taped interview. 

A respected public university led by former congressman, UMass Lowell has a large faculty comprised of world-class experts who can comment on news trends including anti-terrorism, politics and elections and family and parenting, as well as issues related to domestic violence, health-care reform, fighting the obesity epidemic, the economy, popular culture (from sexting to athletes and perception), federal debt negotiations and scientific innovation such as nanotechnology, stem-cell research and the rise of BPA in plastics and more. 

“We have hundreds of professors at UMass Lowell and each is a well-respected expert in their field of studies,” said UMass Lowell Chancellor Marty Meehan. “We are excited to share the wealth of knowledge our experts can bring to breaking news coverage and interviews with local and national media.”

With just a phone call, news organizations are able to line up spot-news interviews, guests for upcoming shows and set up transmission. The new studio is equipped with VideoLink’s ReadyCam® technology that includes a broadcast-quality camera. Skilled technicians from VideoLink control the camera, lighting and video transmission.

UMass Lowell’s many experts include:
  • James Forest is an expert in emerging terrorist threats, insurgencies, transnational criminal networks and U.S. Special Forces Training. A faculty member in UMass Lowell’s Center for Terrorism and Security Studies, he has been called one of “America’s most esteemed terrorism and national security experts” by the Center for American Progress and Foreign Policy.
  • Marty Meehan, UMass Lowell chancellor since 2007 and a former member of Congress, has led the university through an unprecedented period of growth in student enrollment, campus expansion and fundraising totaling more than $100 million for the university. His 14-year career in the U.S. House of Representatives included leading efforts to reform campaign finance, to take on the tobacco industry and to repeal the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy;
  • Doreen Arcus is an expert on family life, child development and relationships with a Ph.D. in psychology from Harvard who works on a range of issues, including those related to the well-being of children in foster care and those with disabilities;
  • Frank Talty is a respected authority on elections, American politics as well as those in Ireland, and political polling. He has practiced civil litigation law in Massachusetts and New Hampshire for more than 20 years and serves as the co-director of the Center for Public Opinion; 
  • Julie Chen is one of the nation’s leading experts on nanotechnology and manufacturing and directs UMass Lowell’s $67 million research enterprise;
  • Joshua Dyck is the co-director of the Center for Public Opinion and associate professor of political science, and is an expert on polling, voter behavior and American politics at both the state and federal level.
To book a UMass Lowell expert for on-the-spot interviews, contact Christine Gillette at 978-934-2209 or, or Nancy Cicco at 978-934-4944 or

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