Today@UMass Lowell
March 03, 2015

University Can Call Manchester a Friend
Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Melissa Manchester mentored music students for two days then dazzled a Durgin Hall crowd with a 75-minute, hit-laden show. Read More

Grammy-winner Melissa Manchester shares songwriting tips with students in Prof. Gena Greher's class. Photo by Tory Germann.

Faculty Experts Explain Science of Snowstorms, Ice Dams
Barrage of snowstorms and subfreezing temperatures on New England likely to persist for a while, according to a university weather expert. Read More

Snow accumulation at UMass Lowell has exceeded 100 inches so far this season, with more fresh powder expected in the coming weeks.

Executive Chef Makes the Grade
Culinary Institute of America testing keeps higher education chef sharp as a knife. Read More