Ingenuity Magazine, Fall 2011

Excellence Through Innovation

From the Vice Provost for Research

This issue of Ingenuity introduces you to the impressive range of research and scholarship in the humanities, social sciences, fine arts, education and health areas at UMass Lowell, following the previous issue’s focus on sciences, engineering and entrepreneurship.

Interdisciplinary research thrives at UMass Lowell. The studies on health care, for example, demonstrate the integration of ergonomics, behavioral intervention, economic context and policy development for a deeper and more robust understanding of the issues.

Research at UMass Lowell has an impact. Collaborative work with public agencies, practitioners and subjects leads to tangible benefits for the greater community, as described in the work on Autism Spectrum Disorder, teen sexual exploitation and other youth-focused studies.

Our research makes connections. Creative scholarly partnerships result in innovative research that reaches new audiences, as you will read about in the University in the City section. Across the globe, research and educational partnerships have been developed with key institutions in strategic areas, as described in the International section. From epidemiology to photography, exciting and original work is being done.

For more information about the strength and breadth of our research, explore this Research site.


Julie Chen
Vice Provost for Research