Research Labs

Research Labs

Assisstive Technology Research Center

Biomedical Terahertz Technology Center (BTTC)

Study normal cytoskeleton protein function, mostly neurofilaments, as related to development of the nervous system, and abnormal neuronal function, and factors that trigger this, as related to motor neuron disease and Alzheimer's disease.

Conducts fire research including the chemistry and physics of fire, initiation mechanisms, and fire prevention and extinguishment. These activities support current and pending cooperative efforts with federal and other agencies.

Focuses on giving students hands-on experience in design, testing and analysis of engineering problems.

Global Media Freedom Studies   

HEROES is a joint research and development initiative of UMass Lowell and the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC). Its aim is to tap the research assets, people and facilities of both organizations to improve the survivability and protection of U.S. troops.  

Focuses on experimental nuclear physics and applied research in nuclear detection devices and techniques.

HAL performs interdisciplinary research integrating the fields of biomedical engineering, clinical laboratory science, ergonomics, exercise Physiology, nutrition, nursing and physical therapy.

Internet Security and Forensics Entrepreneurs (I-SAFE)  

Committed to research that will benefit children and families. LCF focuses on families of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, various socio-economic groups and who may have experienced trauma and loss.

Provides controlled radiation environments and analytical measurement services to government organizations and to industry. The laboratory provides facilities for proton, neutron and gamma environments.    

The STL develops and applies technology in the frequency range of 100 GHz to 5THz.

Focuses on improving the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients, limb restoration and regeneration, and counter-terrorism biosensors.