Why UMass Lowell

Value, Convenience & Flexibility

The success of UMass Lowell's graduate programs is based on the value -- an excellent education at a great price -- convenience and flexibility offered to students.


  • Quality: UMass Lowell has an unwavering commitment to providing all of its students with top quality academic programs.
  • Affordability: UMass Lowell offers its graduate programs at about one-half the cost of education at comparable private institutions. A recent cost comparison (pdf) is based on current tuition and fees.


  • Multiple Locations: In addition to on-campus classes, graduate programs are held at off-campus sites across the region, increasing the convenience and accessibility for students.
  • Online Options: UMass Lowell is a leader in distance learning, or internet-based online classes. Check the listing of this semester’s options
  • Good Timing: Most graduate classes are held in the late afternoon and early evening, making them more accessible to working professionals.


  • Try one course. Individuals may enroll in one course before applying to a graduate program.
  • Apply the Credits. Courses taken in a four-course graduate certificate program can often be applied to a variety of graduate degree program.
  • Start Year Round. Students can apply year-round and begin their coursework during the fall, spring or summer semester.