Professional Science Master's

Non-Thesis Programs Focus on Real World Results

Professional Science Master's (PSM) programs are tailored to students pursuing careers in industry, government and non-profit organizations. The PSM program curriculum emphasizes essential professional skills and employer connections.

Reasons to get a PSM degree:

  1. Get employment-relevant education and work experience
  2. Build employer network with high-level executives
  3. Learn essential professional skills for success in the workplace
  4. Learn to think "out-of-the-box"
  5. Get a highly competitive and interdisciplinary degree
  6. Become a graduate in high demand

Some PSM students enter their programs right out of their undergraduate programs; others have been working for a while or continue their careers during their education. Students may know in advance what kind of career they want or may not. Having students from different situations encourages cross-learning and simulates the actual work environment students may be exposed to after graduation. The interdisciplinary nature of PSM programs and the broad understanding of future career opportunities help students find their niche.

Are you:

  • Interested in becoming an innovator, an entrepreneur, a leader or a manager?
  • Motivated to pursue your passion for science and continue your studies beyond the bachelor's degree?
  • Considering graduate school but decided that a Ph.D. isn't for you right now?
  • Seeking to explore/expand your career options?

PSM degree option may be the right fit for you.  The PSM program is a non-thesis graduate program with key curriculum components:

  • Science,  mathematics, technology courses
  • Business courses
  • Internship

These components provides you with experience and training most highly sought by employers.

Through the PSM program you acquire advanced science and technology training along with workplace skills highly valued by employers. Courses and experiences in professional communication, project management, interdisciplinary teamwork and leadership skills augment the core science curricula. Additionally, your skills and knowledge are put into practice during the internship component of the program.


  • Emphasizes the written and verbal communication skills, leadership, and team-building required in professional settings.
  • Contains more science, math or technology than MBA; more professional skills than a traditional science master's degree.
  • Includes real world experience – internship, project or team experience vs. thesis.
  • Provides connections to potential employers through internships, employer/industry advisory boards, industry seminar series.
  • Accommodates working professionals.

How is the PSM different from other degrees?

  • More science than an MBA
  • More business than a traditional graduate degree in science or mathematics
  • Connections with industry leaders through special events and seminars
  • "Real world" project and team experience through a required internship and seminar