Graduate Admissions

Quality that’s Affordable is a Smart Investment

The UMass Lowell experience is an exceptional value in higher education - a high-quality education that’s affordable. Our graduates are trusted by employers because they are thoroughly prepared here by challenging academics and through significant learning experiences outside the classroom. And without the burden of large student debts, they have more choices right out of college than many of their peers. 

UMass Lowell’s high-quality experience includes a low student-teacher ratio and small classes that translate into personal attention from our world-class professors. Indeed, a 2010 study by Mass.Inc. states that UMass Lowell’s 14:1 student-faculty ratio is better per dollar of cost that that at any other university in Massachusetts. 

Every accredited program at UMass Lowell is accredited by the most prestigious organization in the field. Our commitment to student success and the many opportunities students have to excel - from the honors program to graduate research opportunities to the wide range of master’s degree options - add value to the UMass Lowell experience. A recent independent study showed that mid-career graduates from UMass Lowell earn among the highest salaries of graduates from any public campus in New England.

The University’s commitment to affordability includes reasonably priced tuition and fees that total about one half of those at comparable private institutions as well as a wide range of scholarships, financial aid and paid internships on campus. Last year, the University awarded more than $100 million in financial aid. The University offers several reduced tuition programs for qualifying students. 

Affordability Awaits - Ways to Pay