Financial Aid

International Students

Tuition Costs
UMass Lowell sends student billing information via the student email accounts.  Students will receive an email notification to their UMass Lowell student email account (e.g. when a new bill has been generated.  See Student Financial Services for additional information.  

Payment Options 
UMass Lowell accepts a variety of payment options to cover university charges, including cash and check payments, credit card payment, wire transfers, and a monthly payment plan.  See Student Financial Services for additional information.  

Undergraduate Scholarships 
UMass Lowell offers scholarship opportunities to the highest quality of incoming international students.  For additional information, please visit our scholarship page.  

Graduate Assistantships 
In addition to financing options, the University provides a limited number of Graduate Assistantships to qualified applicants.  Find additional information on assistantships

Loan Options 
Some US-based banks offer student loans to international students, generally if the loan is co-signed by a creditworthy US citizen or permanent resident (holder of a “green card”).  There may also be restrictions on the type of visa (F1 or J1) a student must hold to apply for a loan.  
Find information on several alternative loan options. In addition to the loan options available on that page, there may be additional loan options available to you, including ones that may provide lower costs or greater benefits.  International students are encouraged to review resources that may available in each student’s home country.  Begin exploring options as soon as possible, as it may be easier to apply before you leave for the United States.  

More Information
For more information please visit the UMass Lowell International Applicants website.