Learning Through Experience

Design, Discover, Do.

Explore career options through a host of learning experiences that extend your education into the field. At UMass Lowell, the experiential learning opportunities we offer help you explore your chosen career field, build a professional network, and gain new skills that make you not only a stronger job candidate, but a better professional in the workforce. 

In fact, UMass Lowell's distinctive focus on learning through experience will prepare you for career success—our graduates earn the highest mid-career salaries of alumni from any public university in New England. Whether you are an undergraduate or Ph.D., you'll work alongside world-renown faculty, alumni and professionals who will provide you with an education that’s relevant to today’s marketplace.

Below are just a few examples of the many experiential learning opportunities at UMass Lowell that will enrich your education, ensuring you are graduate ready and ready to take on the world!

  • Learning through Discovery (Research)
    • Developing an Android app for a portable EKG heart monitor;
    • Creating a nanotechnology-based biosensor to detect toxins in the air and water;
    • Measuring the response of 50-meter wind turbine blades at the National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden, CO;
    • Analyzing primary documents on authors with local connections such as Dickens and Kerouac; 
  • Learning through Service
    • Working with preschool children in an early literacy program;
    • Developing physical activity programs for children to combat diabetes and for people with autism;
    • Designing and building technology-appropriate electricity and clean water systems in Peru; 
  • Learning through practice
    • Working with theater professionals on all the things needed to put on a show—marketing, publicity, technical setups, and production;
    • Working with entrepreneurs on a business plan for a company based on controlled drug delivery using a novel contact lens design;
    • Working at Johnson & Johnson-DePuy, Inc. on medical products for reconstruction of damaged joints.

Academic Courses

The city of Lowell, the heart of the Merrimack Valley, is a culturally and historically rich classroom all its own. Our “Lowell as Text” program allows you to explore Lowell’s rich past and lively present from the perspectives of different disciplines. This unique course also serves as a first-year seminar, in which you’ll learn about the University and its resources.

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