Tutoring Services

Center for Learning and Academic Support Services is there for you

Tutoring services, through the Center for Learning and Academic Support Services (CLASS), are designed to enhance classroom learning for UMass Lowell students. The Peer Tutoring Program offers academic support for students through small group sessions or one-on-one tutoring led by trained peer tutors. This assistance allows students to develop a deeper understanding of course concepts with the support of tutors who clarify difficult course material, review homework assignments and provide motivation as role models. 

Tutoring is faculty driven, peer taught 

CLASS tutoring benefits from the active involvement of UMass Lowell faculty members who guide the program and recommend their students as peer tutors. Tutors are accomplished students who have successfully completed the course(s) they tutor with a grade of B+ or higher. Faculty also provide lecture notes and sample exams that are distributed in the Tutoring Centers. The tutoring program at UMass Lowell is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) to recognize peer tutors at three levels: regular, master and advanced. Become a Peer Tutor today! (pdf)

Convenience comes with your learning

UMass Lowell students can receive tutoring free of charge at any of the four Centers for Learning locations: UMass Lowell North Campus in Southwick 321 or UMass Lowell South Campus in O'Leary Commons, 1st Floor; evening tutoring is available in Fox Hall 1st floor and at the Inn & Conference Center (ICC) 8th floor. Students who would like to meet with a tutor should drop in to one of the tutoring centers to obtain a schedule or check the tutoring links below. One-on-one assistance is available in some cases when requested in advance. Students wishing to meet with a writing tutor must make an appointment at the Write Place. In most cases, tutoring is provided on the campus where the course is taught. Schedules are updated weekly and can be obtained at any of the tutoring centers or online. 
Winter Weather Policy: If classes are canceled due to weather, all tutoring centers will be closed. Call 978-934-2121, check the website or sign up at for UMass Lowell cancellations.