Commercial Ventures and Intellectual Property

Faculty Resources

This section is dedicated to faculty and staff of the University who have or might in the future develop an innovation that may be considered intellectual property.

  • Guide for Inventors: A step-by-step guide for those who have a new invention
  • Forms: Links to common documents needed by inventors
  • Policies: Links to the University's policies on intellectual property, consulting, and conflict of interest
  • Patent Laws: Presentations of the current U.S. and European laws, and links to additional resources
  • Faculty Board: Information on our board and how to contact a board member to get your voice heard to improve the CVIP office
  • FAQ: Frequently asked Questions on intellectual property and offices processes

We hope you find these resources useful to help you engage in the invention and commercialization process as part of your career at UMass Lowell!

Note: Please view our handout explaining the dangers of public disclosure of your inventions (pdf)!