Priscilla March

Priscilla March

Priscilla March, Career Services and Cooperative Education Center

“UMass Lowell students make great employees and are not afraid of hard work.”
Looking for a job may seem like a daunting task these days, but with Priscilla March on your side, you have a serious advantage. 

March is part of the Career Services & Cooperative Education Center that assists students with defining their career goals and working toward them. March works with both current UMass Lowell students as well as graduates who may be looking for a career change or career advice. Despite the challenges that come with the current economy, she remains positive and upbeat. “There are jobs out there, you just need to remain focused on the task and motivated.” 

When asked about the best part of her job, March points to the University’s diverse student base which allows her to work with people who have grown up in other parts of the world as well as down the street from campus. She is also moved by how UMass Lowell students keep the many responsibilities in their lives in balance. “I am continually inspired by our students and in awe of how they keep it all together,” she says.

The strongest advice she has for students is “to come to career services – early and often. Students who wait until their senior year to visit us miss many opportunities to make themselves more marketable.” An important piece of that includes assistance with internships and cooperative (co-op) education, opportunities she calls “a valuable experiential piece” that employers are looking for. 

When working with employers to place students in internships and jobs, March tends to hear a common theme. “Employers tell me all the time that UMass Lowell students make great employees and are not afraid of hard work.”